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How to gain Church Fundraising Ideas

Author: Guy Yancey

Whether it's a school, a non profit organization or a church of any denomination, funds tend to get low. The cost of running these organizations is getting more and more expensive. Rather than considering taking a loan, the better option is to raise money to meet the cost of running the organization. Fundraising is an effective way of raising money, but, over the time, they have lost their novelty and do not attract many donors. Moreover due to the economic slump, people barely have money to meet their own living expenses, so donations are at an all time low. A recent survey results show that donations to fundraisers have gone down to half of what they were. Churches rely on donations and this is really bad news for them.

There are certain effective ways to successful church fundraising in today's economy in the name of the good Lord. First of all, many local businesses should be approached. However most of them shy away from church fundraisers since they feel that perhaps the local economy will not be benefited by these events. You need to understand that business owners are motivated by profit and will only donate for a cause if they see direct return for their investment. Famine in a far off continent will not motivate them. If you, on the other hand, offer to mention them in the newspaper or offer to place their logo on your flyers and banners, it will help them get interested. Fix up a meeting with them, explain your Church Fundraising Idea, how the event is to be staged. Explain that you are not asking for a cash handout. Their money will be used for the Lordís purpose and their name will be publicized and will bring them a lot of goodwill from good Christians. Businesses are besieged by fundraisers and people asking for handouts for each and every cause. If you can convince them of long term benefits, they may get interested.

Treat your fundraiser as a business event. Advertise it on Christian Business Directories and send letters to Christian owned businesses. It will help spread the word and bring more funds for your Church fundraiser.

Conventional Church fundraising ideas have become a bit boring and hence do not interest people. One needs to be innovative so that one can raise money for the Church to reach its goals. Tickets are the very first thing. It is easy and conventional. One cannot do away with tickets and it is good, because this selects your target group. People who buy the tickets are the people who will be motivated enough to help the Church. You could become innovative and set aside 5% of your ticket sale for a prize for the best gardener or the winner of a sporting event. This will help sell more tickets.

One neglected area for Church Fundraisers is setting up booths. This is an extremely effective marketing strategy. A Church Fundraiser is a place where people mingle with each other, catch up with other members of the congregation, look for things to eat, buy and see. If you set up booths or stalls with such products, you can give the Church supporters a good place to spend money and also experience the positivism that they get in supporting the cause of the Church.

Organize a baby show or a talent show where the children can display their talent. Children are natural born performers and love to be the centre of attraction. They could sing, dance, speak, recite or simply be themselves. All the parents of your Church community would love to support the kids. You could charge a dollar per person as admission and raise more money for your Church.

Instead of the same old boring cookie or candy Church fundraiser be innovative and plan something new. It will make your Church Fundraiser a huge success and your Church fundraising ideas will be discussed for a long time in your congregation.

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Guy Yancey is the President and owner of GSYCO Enterprises and he runs a christian business directory where he helps people owning christian search engines gain extra exposure.

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